What is Reality 51?

In this campaign, players will get to create characters from whichever setting/genre they prefer.  In the beginning of the adventure, all of the players will meet each other in an unusual and mysterious situation. An easy comparison would be the Infinite Worlds scenario which comes as an example campaign in the Basic Set. The premise of this game will be very different, however.

Player characters can originate from almost any setting covered by traditional fiction:  Historical, Future, Present Day, Realistic, Fantastical, Otherworldly. The GM would prefer characters to be human or at least human-ish, although any well thought out and interesting character concepts will be considered.  It is also advised that the characters should be some kind of competent operative/adventurer/mercenary but that will not be necessary. Expect the adventure to be equal parts fighting, stealth and problem solving.

See Character Creation Notes

Reality 51