Character Creation

Character Points

Starting character points will be 300.  Exotic and Supernatural traits will be allowed at GM's discretion.


There is no actual Disadvantage limit but all Dissads chosen will be scrutinized by the GM with the expectation that they contribute to the character concept.

Technology Level

Consider the base Technology Level to be TL8 (contemporary). This is really quite arbitrary. The adventure is likely to take the characters through a variety of different settings with different TLs.

Social Advantages

Social Advantages such as Status and Rank are unlikely to serve the PC in this game. The same goes for Wealth. If such things are an essential part of the character, the GM may not require you to buy them as advantages (or at least grant a discount) but they will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Equipment should be determined in the form of a Load Out for a typical "mission" for the character.  This will be what you will have at the beginning of the game.


The GM would prefer magic using, wizardly type characters will use Ritual Path Magic. The standard magic would also be acceptable. Other systems will be considered, especially if it's appropriate for the character but please keep in mind that other systems will require brushing up and/or learning on the part of the GM.


Using GURPS Character Sheet to aid in generate characters is recommended.  The GM would like to have raw files of all PCs.  Note that due to the GM being a Mac user, he cannot make use of the official program, GURPS Character Assistant.


Character Creation

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